Ampla Polygrafia Ltd. was established in 1990 as a Swedish-Slovak joint-venture company with a main focus on the production of offset plates and chemicals for their treatment utilised in the graphic industry.

The company established a solid base in Central Europe region by combining of Swedish based group SWEDISH OFFSET PLATES with the know-how of Slovak specialists from graphic industry. More than 30 years of tradition and experience in producing tri-metal and lately aluminium conventional offset plates effectively launched offset plate production in Slovakia during early 90’s in matter of several months. At present, the majority of production are offset plates for digital CTP technology using IR and UV lasers.

Ampla Polygrafia has created an indelible footprint in the history of Slovak graphic industry and has established itself in the strong competition environment in the graphic industry.


The main focus of AMPLA POLYGRAFIA is the production and sale of offset plates and chemicals for their treatment.

The production of offset plates is a technologically demanding process of treating the aluminium surface making it suitable for application of a light-sensitive coating and in such way for the preparation of printing form by printing houses in next stages.

For the original technological equipment brought from Sweden it is typical to be environmentally clean technology with significant energy recuperation.

By financing its own development over the years, the company secured functional compatibility of its products with processes developed by other producers and company products can be used by customers using different technologies.

AMPLA POLYGRAFIA has expanded its activities into the field of sale of other printing materials in recent years. At present, Ampla Polygrafia exports more than 70% of its production to the surrounding European countries including, but not limited to Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania and Russian Federation.